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Making Modern Home is more than the sum of its design, renovation, and real estate firm parts; it is a hybrid of all these.  We approach each project with insight and vision for a sustainable, value-added, and thoughtful outcome benefiting you as home owner, seller, buyer, investor, renovator, neighbor, or home lover. We do not subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. You and your home, development or investment are unique, and we tailor our vast range of services to fit your needs.  Please see the list of services we provide and feel free to inquire for a consultation to see how a partnership with Making Modern Home will lead to a successful real estate transaction or home project.    

Dana Ambs, LEED AP Designer
REALTOR (Stepstone Realty - Broker)

Top 6% of Austin area agents for getting HIGHEST Sales price to List price*

Top 16% of Austin Area for LOWEST Days on Market*

Top 19% of Austin Area agents for Sales Volume*
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Dana Ambs has renovated/designed/sold/built hundreds of properties starting at the age of 21.   She is a degreed interior design/business/Realtor professional with experience designing and managing renovations of corporate campuses for some of the Midwest's largest companies.  Though she produced award winning designs during her corporate experience, her true passion was renovating properties with meticulous detail for a modern lifestyle.  Lured by Austin's vibrant economy and neighborhood culture, Dana relocated to the entrepreneurial city to begin Making Modern Home and obtained her real estate license.  She has represented buyers and listed Austin properties for successful sale.  Often, she is coordinating contractors, though she loves to get actively involved in the heavy duty construction herself! While involved in several neighborhood, civic, wellness, and volunteer endeavors, she shares her enthusiasm for renovation, design, and real estate with her clients and community.   She still retains a strong Midwestern work ethic and an appreciation for frugality that leads to successful, unique designs incorporating a variety of new, old, and re-purposed goods and then works diligently to assemble and deliver the "whole package".   

*Source is using Austin Board of Realtors statistics for Dana Ambs License # 0602614 since 2011.